Welcome to the website of the Politique, Écologie et Soutenabilité(PES)/Politics, Ecology and Sustainability major at Sciences Po Lille.

Course objective

The aim of the Politics, Ecology and Sustainability (PES) major is to enable students to acquire theoretical analytical frameworks and tools for thinking about our societies’ relationship to the current environmental crisis and deciphering future developments, from a strong sustainability perspective.

A wide range of theoretical knowledge on contemporary ecological issues (political theory, sociology, ethics, economics, history, etc.) is combined with the acquisition of methodological tools for managing projects in professional situations, put into practice with external partners.

Thanks to its strong local roots and major international collaborations, the program benefits from cutting-edge thinking on the ecological emergency and post-growth issues.

Main career opportunities

The Politics, Ecology and Sustainability (PES) major trains students for careers in the field of sustainability.

Graduates pursue a variety of careers at the crossroads of ecological, political and social issues, whether in the public, private or NGO sectors, in France or abroad.

They work in the fields of :

  • Expertise
  • Coordination of regional policies
  • Environmental management
  • Social economy sectors
  • Agricultural and food policies
  • Sustainable urban planning
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Consulting agencies

Head of the PES major

Mathilde Szuba

Senior Lecturer in Political Science

Research areas: political theory; environmental sociology; ecological limits and public policy

Editorial by the head of the major

Interested in the Politics, Ecology and Sustainability major? Welcome to this site, designed to answer your questions.

The Politics, Ecology and Sustainability major welcomes students who are curious to learn and eager to get involved. The program guides them through the multi-disciplinary study of ecological issues and helps them discover the vast field of strong sustainability professions.

The current ecological catastrophe is multi-faceted, and its various faces will continue to change. To better train students to evolve and adapt to the challenges of sustainability and the professions that will take part in it, the course is based on learning that combines intellectual approaches and practical concepts, with a teaching team made up of both researchers and sustainability professionals.

Are you interested in ecology? Do you like to learn? Are you passionate and committed? Would you like to experiment with ways of working together and set up team projects? Then find out more about the Politics, Ecology and Sustainability major.

Whether you’re into biodiversity or the social economy, interested in national policies or local experimentation, a bit of a geek or a bit of a mechanic, worried or confident, an economist or a historian, passionate about the world of agriculture or the world of advocacy, determined or hesitant, a future parliamentarian or a future researcher: PES students come in all shapes and sizes.

It’s up to you to explore this site to get an idea: enjoy your virtual tour !

Mathilde Szuba